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First Class Fitness Training Programs on YOUR Terms

At Rogue Fit Club, we offer all of the programs you need to attain your ultimate level of health, fitness, and performance, but we do things differently from typical gyms.

First off, Rogue Fit Club trainers aren’t employees. Instead, we’ve gathered an array of expert personal trainers and fitness professionals who operate their own businesses and programs under one roof. That way, you get the attention that comes from someone who is engaged in pushing their business to succeed – when you win, they win.

What’s more, when you go Rogue, you can forget about getting locked into lengthy and expensive gym memberships like you would at a normal “big box” gym. Instead, you pay for the programs you want to use, period. And we offer an assortment of powerful fitness training programs to help kick your performance up to the next level.

Finally, you’ll have access to the most advanced training equipment on the market today. Forget about row after row of the same old machines. Rogue Fit Club offers gear you won’t find at the average gym – Plyo boxes, battle ropes, kettlebells, sleds, sprint track, rope climbing, boxing and gymnastic equipment, and a whole lot more.

Simply put, whether you’re a dedicated runner, rock climber, Olympia lifter, MMA fighter, or any other kind of hyper-fitness enthusiast, we have the expert trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and programs you need to reach a new echelon of training success.

What kinds of fitness programs are we talking about?

  • One on One Personal Training

This is your opportunity to have a personal training program custom tailored to your goals. Work one-on-one to develop a solid training and nutrition plan with your fitness trainer, then charge forward to get the strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training you need.

  • Group Training Programs

Join in on a variety of group health and fitness training classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and more. Our expert instructors and advanced equipment are on-hand and ready to help you take your fitness goals to the next level, and to help you perform at your best.

  • Specialized Training Programs

Looking to get extreme with your training? Participate in an array of specialized training programs such as Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Sports Performance Training, Bootcamps, and more. Receive expert guidance from a trainer who knows how to push you to your fitness limits, use some of the most powerful equipment in the industry, and reach a new echelon of performance.

Program Options