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Supporting Your Independence

Our goal is to build a team of top independent trainers & coaches recognized as the best in our field, with extensive experience and the highest qualifications. We will only succeed if our independent trainers succeed. That is why we will help you not only get started as an independent contractor but also evolve both the size and value of your client base while you train with us. We will help you maximize your income potential through:

Getting you Started: We will make sure you have all the information you need to get started as an independent contractor – including your insurance & business registration requirements, accounting, business and marketing needs.
Keeping your Business Growing: We will establish professional PR, marketing & partnership programs, as well as a traffic driven website that will attract and sustain the value of your client base.
Maintaining your Business Efficiency: Our administrative services are designed to help you with client management, as well as centralizing the business-side of your work.
An Interactive Learning & Community Environment: We will host and promote on-site continuing education seminars, client seminars and community events.
A Comfortable & Convenient work Environment: Trainers will have access to a private lounge with kitchen facilities, overnight lockers, internet access and desktop work areas.
Looking after your Clients Additional Health & Fitness Needs: Through partnerships with outstanding health providers,

Please ensure that you have a resume prepared when we contact you.


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