Dallas Mania: One of the Leading Conventions for Fitness Professionals

Dallas Mania: One of the Leading Conventions for Fitness Professionals

If you’re a fitness professional such as a personal trainer, nutritionist, or yoga teacher, success is determined largely by the amount of knowledge and motivation you have to offer. That means two things—bolstering your skill set with new certifications, and spending time around other pros who are just as excited about the industry as you.

If you happen to live in the Dallas region, you have a great opportunity for both coming up this August during Dallas Mania. From August 26-28 the renowned fitness education organization SCW will be bringing its Mania certification program to Dallas to deliver one of the greatest fitness experiences in the country.

Three Days that Will Help Take Your Career to the Next Level

Each year the Mania fitness program visits several locations throughout the U.S. to provide intensive training opportunities to professionals from a variety of disciplines.

The convention features more than 250 sessions and 30 certifications, and it’s possible to get as many as 21 continuing education credits over the course of the three day event. These credits are accepted by numerous fitness organizations, such as SCW, AFAA, ACE, NASM, ACSM, AEA, and many more.

Participants will be led by acclaimed fitness educators, and can gain certifications on topics such as group exercise, HIIT, ballet barre, nutrition, kettle weights, yoga, pilates, personal training, cycle, Zumba, sports conditioning, business management, and more.

Finding the Motivation for Success

Certification is only one aspect of this exciting opportunity. You’ll also have the chance to attend presentations from some of the key names in the industry, and to spend time around hundreds of your fellow fitness professionals to swap trade secrets and pump each other up.

Whether you’re new to the industry, or you’ve been working in it for years or even decades, it never hurts to get a shot-in-the-arm when it comes to motivating yourself toward success. Dallas Mania is a great chance to receive exactly that.

How Do You Do It?

The Mania program is one of many ways a fitness professional can gain new certifications and bolster his or her motivation. What do you do when you need to improve your knowledge or give yourself a bit of extra get-up-and-go?

Share your thoughts below, and help your fellow pros find the resources they need.