6 Common Challenges…

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6 Common Challenges Faced by Fitness Professionals

Whether you’re an independent personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist, boxing or MMA coach, physical therapist, yoga teacher, or any other type of health and fitness professional, you face a number of challenges that are shared by just about everyone in the industry.

That’s no surprise – as a fitness professional, you are well aware that rewards are proceeded by obstacles. The difference between the challenges you face and those you pose for your clients, however, is that the success of your livelihood is dependent upon overcoming them. If a client doesn’t hit a goal, tomorrow is another day. For you, it can make or break your business.

So let’s take a look at a few of the challenges you and your colleagues are likely to encounter:



Perhaps the most common issue that is shared by independent personal trainers and other fitness professionals involves the difficulty behind achieving effective marketing. Quality marketing is essential to your success as it is how you’ll secure the majority of your clients – and the profits that come with them.

Building an effective marketing strategy takes time, research, and experience, and every second you spend on marketing is time that you should be training clients and earning money. The solution often involves having access to the best information, tools, and established fitness professionals from whom you can learn, or better yet, a facility that will handle the majority of your marketing for you.


Profit Loss

If you’ve spent any time working in a “big box” gym, you know that they take a vicious bite out of your profits. That can be a difficult challenge to overcome, as most experienced trainers will tell you that profit margins are usually pretty slim, and that sometimes every dollar counts.

The solution seems rather straightforward – avoid working out of the “big box” gyms that are going to bite off sometimes as much as 40% of your earnings. But that can be easier said than done, because first you need to find an alternative.


Gym Overcrowding

This can be a huge problem, because as you probably know most gyms sell far more memberships than they actually have space to accommodate under the logic that most members will only show up occasionally. But doesn’t it seem like they all decide to come in on your busiest training days? Suddenly your client is competing for space and equipment.


Staying Abreast of the Science

Our understanding of health and fitness is constantly expanding, but keeping up with it can seem impossible when you have a busy schedule to maintain.

For many, the solution involves becoming a part of a diverse fitness community made up of passionate fitness professionals who are dedicated to sharing what they learn.


Finding Support Professionals

Maybe you’re training a client who you think could benefit from yoga, or you coach MMA and you want your client to be receiving massages on a regular basis? Where do you look for outside support professionals? You don’t want to search randomly on the internet. You need access to trainers and professionals from different realms who are available to lend their skills when you think they can accentuate a client’s training program.


Space and Equipment

Most gyms are crowded with generic machines that won’t deliver the intensity that you want to provide to your clients. Perhaps the “big box” gym has a bunch of ellipticals and weight machines, but if you want sleds, battle ropes, or gymnastic equipment, you’re out of luck.

The solution to this one is pretty straightforward – find a facility that offers the breadth of equipment that you need to provide an outstanding training experience, and the open space to do it in.

The success of your business depends on overcoming these obstacles. Oftentimes the solution to all of them is as simple as finding the right facility that meets all of your needs.

Do you feel like you face any challenges that we’ve left out? Or do you have solutions that you think your fellow fitness professionals should know about? Join the conversation by commenting below.